Screeding Company in Weybridge

Liquid Screeding for Every Application

If you need a level flooring solution, flow screeding is the ideal option. Screed naturally levels itself, so is the perfect material for creating flat floors. As an experienced screeding company, SSR Flow Screed provides liquid screeding for a vast range of requirements in Weybridge and the surrounding areas. We are sure to have the right option for your project.

From thin screed for rooms with low ceilings to screed for use with underfloor heating, we deliver a full service for every application. This includes flow screed preparation and aftercare advice. We even offer a polishing service.


Liquid screed is suitable for all kinds of domestic spaces in Weybridge, including bathrooms and wet rooms. We can also lay screed in both houses and flats. Depending on your needs, screed can be the finishing surface, or you can lay various types of flooring on top, such as tiles or carpet.

Certain screeds are also compatible with underfloor heating.


Because flow screeding is strong and hard-wearing, it is ideal for commercial spaces with high volumes of foot traffic. Furthermore, with correct flow screed preparation and products, screed can be used for car parks and other surfaces which need to take heavy loads.

The relatively fast installation and drying times of screed mean our screeding company can minimise downtime.

Underfloor Heating

Clients in Weybridge looking to enjoy the comfort and efficiency of underfloor heating (UFH) can also make use of leading floor screeding options. SSR Flow Screed installs both UFH and liquid screeding with a layer of insulation, helping you get the most from your new system.

Wooden Substrates and Structures

You may think screed can only be applied to a concrete base, but this is not the case. Our team can provide flow screeding for timber substrates and flooring systems which use timber joists as their main supporting structure.

High-Rise Buildings

With advancements in screeding and flow screed preparation, it is now possible to achieve higher tolerances when installing liquid screeding at height. This means our screeding company in Weybridge can deliver higher-quality floor finishes than was previously possible in high-rise buildings.

Please contact our screeding company 0800 511 8220 or 07395 272 304 for professional services in Weybridge and the surrounding areas.