Flow Screed Preparation in Ashford

Flow Screeding Tips and Best Practices

Although flow screeding is now the screed type of choice among professionals, the process still requires careful planning, an eye for detail and a firm grasp of best practices. Anything but the finest flow screed preparation work could cause the floor to fail – leading to future problems such as cracks and adhesion issues. Serving Ashford and the surrounding areas, our screeding company brings more than 35 years of insider knowledge to the business. We apply all liquid screeding and underfloor heating systems to a high standard while maintaining a friendly and respectful approach for our customers.

Whether you’re hoping to add underfloor heating for a touch of luxury or would like flow screeding for a new build in Ashford, you’ll need to follow these best practices or risk a major failure that only an experienced screeding company can fix.

Create a Moisture-Free Environment

A dry environment is vital for the flow screed preparation stage, but you should also wait a while before installing the tiles or other floor coverings over poured screed. Dehumidifiers can hasten the process, as can a small amount of ventilation. Trying to lay a covering before the drying process completes will cause problems with the adhesion and reduce the floor's overall quality.

The Right Screed for Underfloor Heating

As a screeding company serving the Ashford area, we only use the right liquid screeding for underfloor pipes. Using the wrong type of screed, or laying it down too thickly, could stop the heat from spreading properly. In addition, all pipework must attach securely. Improper flow screed preparation at this point could push the pipes upwards and ruin the installation completely.

Give Your Screed Enough Time

Even though flow screeding dries much faster than traditional types, you will still need to be patient. Avoid walking on the screed before 24 hours have passed, and never try to force dry it by turning your underfloor heating on at a high setting. Simply be patient, and your property in Ashford will receive the best possible results.

Follow These Other Best Practices:

  • Ensure a leak-free substrate before liquid screeding
  • You should include insulation as part of the process
  • Install expansion foam around the edges
  • The layer of laitance should be sanded off the surface
  • Apply a primer before installing the floor coverings
  • Prevent draughts to keep the screed from cracking
  • Call a Professional Screeding Company

    Give your property in Ashford the care it deserves by choosing a reliable flow screeding team for your liquid screeding and underfloor heating work. At SSR Flow Screed, we have spent many years maintaining standards for screeded floors that remain firm and reliable. We even extend our services beyond flow screed preparation, underfloor systems and subsequent aftercare – laying floors and performing new boiler installations using Gas Safe professionals.

    Would you like to learn more about flow screed preparation in the Ashford area? Call our flow screeding company today on 0800 511 8220 or 07395 272 304.