Screed Polishing in Medway,

Tonbridge and Locations Across Kent, Surrey and Sussex

Are you looking for a reputable screeding company to polish a screed surface at your property? At SSR Flow Screed, our team has significant experience with a range of market-leading liquid screeds. We install these self-compacting materials in domestic and commercial properties alike. Operating out of Crawley, we have the resources and expertise to fulfil contracts across Kent, Surrey and Sussex.

A selection of our key service areas includes Ashford, Brighton, Burgess Hill, Canterbury, Guildford, Haywards Heath, Horsham, Maidstone, Medway, Sevenoaks, Tonbridge, Tunbridge Wells and Worthing.

The self-compacting properties inherent to flow screeding make it ideally suited for polishing. There are aggregates within the screed itself, all of which are dispersed evenly across the floor area without segregation.

When polished, then, these factors ensure your floor has a uniform, eye-catching appearance.

Design Requirements for Polishing
• Minimum depth: domestic – 65mm
• Minimum depth: commercial – 75mm
• Minimum cover over pipework – 25mm
• Bay size for non-heated floors – 100m2
• Bay size for heated floors – 50m2
• Surface flatness – SR2
• Flow-rate – maximum of 250mm

Installing Screed for Polishing

From Cemfloor to Brett, our screed company supplies materials from some of the industry’s leading names. As approved installers, we have undergone the training needed to complete installations in line with the manufacturer’s standards. This is an important first step – polishing has maximum impact when carried out on a correctly applied surface.

Natural raw materials make up liquid screeds, so slight variations in appearance between batches are entirely normal. However, we minimise colour variation in polished floors by following the supplier’s recommendations. For example, we avoid switching between loads when pouring flow screeding in the middle of a room. This means we try to complete individual rooms with the same batch wherever possible, avoiding colour variations on the surface.

Our team then ensures the screed only has very light dappling in one direction. This avoids excessive dapple marks in the polished surface to come. When dappling, we also complete entire rooms without stopping to avoid variations.

You can rest assured, we take all the necessary measures to ensure the completion of preparation work to the highest standards. This includes securing edge expansion tight and evenly along columns and boundaries.

Screed Curing Before Polishing

Unheated Floors
Allow your screed a minimum of 28 days to cure. Your surface must dry out to a moisture content of 2.5%CM before polishing starts.

Heated Floors
You must have your heating system commissioned before we can begin polishing. Once commissioned, bring your underfloor heating to the appropriate temperature after 7 days to ensure adequate drying. Your screed must have a moisture content of 2.5%CM before we commence polishing.


Polish Screed

Polishing the Screed Surface

As with the installation of liquid screed itself, you must hire a reputable screeding company with previous experience of polishing the kind of surface laid at your property. For your peace of mind, SSR Flow Screed has completed polishing services on all manner of screeding multiple times.

We happily provide samples of polished screeds during an initial consultation. This is primarily because the polish will vary due to different aggregates used in the flow screeding.

During this consultation, we also agree upon the expected final appearance, i.e., your preferred degree of aggregate exposure. This clarification creates clear goals and expectations for all parties.

Call 0800 511 8220 or 07395 272 304 to discuss your screed polishing needs in Tonbridge, Medway or any other location in Kent, Surrey or Sussex.