Flowing Concrete in Tonbridge,

Medway and Locations Across Kent, Surrey and Sussex

Are you looking for a screeding company that specialises in the supply and installation of flowing concrete? Whether you’re in Kent, Surrey or Sussex, SSR Flow Screed is the trusted choice for applications of any size. From local homeowners to tradespeople and building companies, we meet all flowing concrete needs with a fully bespoke service. You can rely on us for a stunning, perfectly level floor. As a time-served team of professionals, we adapt our approach to ensure delivery on time and within budget.

Based in Crawley, our screeding company covers the surrounding region. A selection of our key service areas includes Ashford, Brighton, Burgess Hill, Canterbury, Guildford, Haywards Heath, Horsham, Maidstone, Medway, Sevenoaks, Tonbridge, Tunbridge Wells and Worthing.

What is Flowing Concrete?

Flowing concrete (FC) is a highly fluid material consisting of specially selected sands, cements and additives. This formulation allows FC to level naturally and self-compact. As a result, the application process requires minimal manual labour and no vibration or floating, all of which helps to drive down your project’s timescale and costs.

But these reductions don’t come at the expense of quality or reliability. When laid by SSR Screed Flow, you receive a strong, stable concrete surface with an immaculate finish. Self-compacting concrete is a well-established solution in the industry. So much so, in fact, that it has been used in some of the world’s most advanced, high profile construction projects.

With inherent strength, stability and workability, FC performs in exactly the same way, and in all the same environments, as conventional concrete. When it comes to the onsite application, we either pump flowing concrete directly into the designated space or use a straight tip. Due to its semi-liquid consistency, the concrete flows and spreads out across the room, creating a floor with aesthetic appeal comparable to an SR2 finish.

The properties of flowing concrete allow us to install it with less pour points, formwork, plant hire and all-round manpower. By eliminating the need for vibration during application, we also significantly reduce noise pollution, which improves onsite working conditions. This rapid, efficient pouring process saves considerable time and money when compared with traditional concrete and screeding.

SSR Flow Screed supplies flowing concrete from Brett, a leading name in the industry with experience working on prestigious projects like the Channel Tunnel Rail Link and Crossrail. The supplied flowing concrete conforms with the requirements set out in BS EN 206-1: Concrete. Specification, performance, production and conformity; as well as the standards outlined in BS 8500-1 and BS 8500-2.

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Call 0800 511 8220 or 07395 272 304 to talk over your flowing concrete needs with a member of our team. From Tonbridge to Medway, we cover locations across Kent, Surrey and Sussex.