Liquid Screeding in Ashford,

Canterbury, Crawley, Worthing, Sussex, Kent and Surrey

Here at SSR Flow Screed, we work as flexibly as possible to provide a one-stop screeding service. We can screed to the necessary depths, lay your underfloor heating, and have a detailed knowledge of the various screed strengths and applications. This informative approach makes us the preferred screeding company for homeowners and tradespeople in Crawley, Brighton, Worthing, Ashford, Maidstone, Sevenoaks, Canterbury and Tunbridge Wells.

Our flow screeding options include anhydrite and cement-based products. Each provides its own benefits, but all deliver a firm, level surface with a prompt drying time.

The applications for our liquid screeding include:

• Classic screed for interiors and most non-wearing applications
• XS screed for interiors that require a lower depth
• Modular screed for the relevant construction projects
• TimBRE screed, ideal for timber frames and joisted structures
• Summit screed for high-rise buildings, ten stories and over
• TS-15, a thin screed for depths at a minimum of 15mm
• TS-20 for depths reaching 20mm, bonded and unbonded
• HTC screeding for underfloor heating and cooling systems alike

Liquid Screeding | A Look at the Main Product Types

Rest assured, SSR Flow Screed will only use the correct flow screeding product for your property. This gives peace of mind to our customers across Kent, Surrey and Sussex, including the areas of Crawley, Brighton, Worthing, Maidstone, Ashford, Sevenoaks, Canterbury and Tunbridge Wells.

Anhydrite Screed

Anhydrite screed includes no cement in its makeup. It’s a recycled, eco-friendly product and features far less shrinkage than traditional cement and sand screeds. Anhydrite flow screeding won’t curl at the edges, nor does it require any reinforcement. It’s also 100% protein-free, so it cannot harbour bacteria. This makes it ideal for areas of hygienic importance, such as medical centres and hospitals.

Our team can install as much as 1500m2 of anhydrite screed in one day. Unbonded insulated floors require a minimum screed depth of 35mm. For bonded applications, this figure falls to 15mm.

And because this type of liquid screeding cures quickly, it only takes 24 to 48 hours for the surface to have enough strength to support foot traffic. You can load the floor after 7 days.

If you’re planning to install a wet underfloor heating system, an anhydrite screed makes the perfect partner. The material’s high thermal conductivity and capacity allows your heating to warm up and cool down quickly. You can have your heating system commissioned after only 7 days. What’s more, this material is compatible with all floor coverings.

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Cement-Based Screed

Cement-based flow screeding is a simple way of creating a strong, sturdy and level sub-floor– ideal for carpets, laminates and hardwood alike. Free-flowing and self-compacting, cementitious screeds often set quicker than anhydrite, sometimes within a third of the time. No surface laitance forms after curing, so you also won’t need a visit from our screeding company later on to remove this unwanted substance.

This screeding option consists of a special formulation which includes cement, binders, water and sand. This combination is the foundation of cementitious screed’s outstanding performance. You can even lay this screed for use in wet areas.

As with anhydrite, we can lay up to 1500m2 of cement-based screed in a single day, and it allows for foot traffic within 24 to 48 hours. Again, you can load the floor after 7 days.

The self-compacting nature of cementitious screeding eliminates spaces around underfloor heating pipes. This flooring also has excellent thermal conductivity, so we can lay thinner screeds over such heating systems. As a result, you benefit from lower running costs.

With easy installation and fast drying time, cementitious screed helps to reduce your project’s duration and costs.


Coloured Screed

For effective, eye-catching interior detailing, we can also apply flow screeding in a wide range of colours. Our team of liquid screeding experts guides you through the process from the outset, providing you with colour samples so you can make the best decision for your needs.

Of course, coloured screed options come with the same familiar advantages. They are still ideal for underfloor heating systems, and they provide a fast, effective floor covering with a level finish.

When colouring your surface, our screeding company provides the following options:

Integral Colouring – The addition of coloured powder to the concrete upon mixing. This infuses the entire mixture with your chosen colour, not just the top layer
Dry Shake Colouring – The application of colouring to the top layer of concrete immediately after laying. We use specialist tools to integrate the powder into the concrete, creating an even and consistent colour
Surface-Applied Stain – The application of stain(s) to the surface of freshly laid concrete, producing a unique finish in line with your tastes and style. The stain itself consists of hard-wearing chemicals and will last for years

From cement liquid screeding in Crawley, Worthing, Brighton or Sevenoaks to anhydrite flow screeding in Maidstone, Canterbury, Ashford or Tunbridge Wells, we always perform the necessary flow screed preparation work for superior quality. Simply contact us for a quotation and to talk through your needs.


Colour Screed

To discover the right liquid screeding option for your Crawley, Ashford or Canterbury home, call 0800 511 8220 or 07395 272 304. Our screeding company will be delighted to help.