Flow Screeding in Walton-on-Thames

Bonded, Unbonded and Floating Liquid Screed

An experienced screeding company like SSR Flow Screed can provide a range of different flow screeding options to suit each application. This includes bonded, unbonded and floating screeds. We have produced this guide to help you understand the difference between these types of liquid screeding and which is best for your project.

Clients in Walton-on-Thames and the surrounding areas can call us for a full screeding service including flow screed preparation and underfloor heating installation.

Bonded Screed

This is a mix which is fully bonded to the substrate/concrete with a bonding agent. Bonded screed is ideal for areas where heavy loads are expected. This includes driveways and car parks in the Walton-on-Thames area.

Bonded Screed

With unbonded screed, our screeding company lays the liquid screeding mix on top of a damp-proof membrane rather than directly on the concrete. This membrane helps reduce the risk of shrinkage, settlement and damp. As with all screeds, professional flow screed preparation and aftercare are crucial.

Floating Screed

Floating flow screeding is another type of unbonded screed. With this type, we lay screed on top of a layer of insulation. Floating screed is ideal for spaces in Walton-on-Thames which require thermal or acoustic insulation. This is also the best type of screed for use with underfloor heating.

Perfect Results with SSR Flow Screed

If you are unsure which type of liquid screeding is right for your project, our team is happy to provide expert advice. We work hard to ensure every customer receives a durable, high-quality floor which is suitable for intended use. Consequently, when you contact our screeding company for work in Walton-on-Thames or the surrounding areas, we take the time to understand your project and surfacing requirements.

As well as providing flow screeding itself, we also carry out flow screed preparation to ensure optimal results and a long-lasting surface.

As a general rule, we recommend bonded screed for surfaces which will be subject to frequent heavy loads. However, unbonded screeds can also be effective for similar applications, so it is important to assess each project individually.

If you are looking for liquid screeding to use with underfloor heating, an unbonded or floating screed is the way to go.

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