Screeding Company in Medway

From Flow Screed Preparation to Underfloor Heating: Why People Choose Us

Are you looking for a reputable flow screeding company for renovation or construction work in Medway? Do you also need this company to operate as underfloor heating installers too? If you want the complete package of liquid screed application with an integrated underfloor heating system, SSR Flow Screed is here to help. Our team has significant industry experience, so we can cover all your needs. Of course, if you want flow screed preparation and application without an embedded heating system, this is perfectly fine too.

Our company takes pride in the amount of trade we receive from repeat custom, direct recommendations and all-round positive word of mouth.

But we recognise that you choose your flow screeding company – and underfloor heating installers – carefully. And rightly so. As such, we don’t expect you to simply take our word for it. Below, we have looked at a handful of the many reasons why our clients in and around Medway choose us.

Reasons to Choose Our Liquid Screed Company

A Reliable Part of Your Project

‍Of course, every client we work with has their own unique needs. However, many of the jobs we undertake are part of wider renovation and construction projects. This covers everything from updating and improving an old, rundown structure to the creation of a brand-new one from the foundations up.

Large-scale work of this nature requires multiple tradespeople and contractors completing tasks as a harmonious whole. Should one fall below standards, be it in quality of workmanship, timekeeping, efficiency or organisation, it can cause delays and disruption elsewhere.

As a time-served flow screeding company, not to mention underfloor heating installers, we treat your project with the same importance as you do. We operate in line with your Schedule of Works, doing whatever it takes to deliver our results on time, within budget and to exceptional quality standards.

‍Quick Turnaround Times

A key aspect of our success in producing results to set deadlines is the fast installation and curing process inherent to liquid screeds. Our team performs the flow screed preparation offsite. This means when we arrive at your Medway property, we simply pump the liquid mix into the designated room, eliminating a vast chunk of the manual labour associated with traditional screeding.

Flow screeding also sets faster than more conventional materials. In some cases, your surface will accept foot traffic after 24 hours. While it will take longer before you can move onto more substantial work like erecting partition walls, the process still allows you to move on to the next phase as quickly as possible.

‍Underfloor Heating Services

As both a flow screeding company and underfloor heating installers, we provide a comprehensive solution for the laying of a new floor with an imbedded heating system. This is just another way SSR Flow Screed can improve project efficiency while minimising costs.

Due to its impressive thermal conductivity and retention, both of which we optimise with meticulous flow screed preparation, liquid screed is ideal for underfloor heating installations. The combination of our flooring and pipework allows heat to spread evenly across your entire floor.

In turn, the new heating system in your Medway property puts less demand on your boiler, helping to lower overall energy consumption. As utility bills continue to rise, you can’t underestimate the impact of the savings you could make.

Call 0800 511 8220 or 07395 272 304 to speak with our screeding company. From flow screed preparation to an immaculate surface, we provide a start-to-finish service in Medway.