Flow Screed Preparation in Maidstone

Flow Screeding – What Makes It Better Than Traditional Screed?

If you ask a reliable screeding company which type of screed is best, the odds are they’ll answer with liquid screeding. While this may stem from the fast installation time, there are many reasons why modern flow screeding is recommended over traditional sand and cement. So, if you’re after underfloor heating, have a new build on the horizon or plan to renovate your Maidstone home, consider how much time and money you can save with liquid screed that sets quickly after careful flow screed preparation work.

Why should you choose liquid screeding over traditional methods? Read on for advice from a premier screeding company renowned for getting results in the Maidstone area.

Better for Underfloor Heating

Keeping your home warm is vitally important, and anything but the best installation could detract from the efficiency of your system – making it less effective at warming your home and raising your fuel bills. Flow screeding completely envelops your pipes to transfer heat as it should. Liquid screeds also provide a higher conductivity to maximise your investment.

It’s worth noting that you’ll need a screeding company in the Maidstone area to secure the pipes and prevent floating during the flow screed preparation process.

Drying Times

For more traditional screeds, you must wait a day for every mm of thickness. In comparison, you can often walk on flow screeding 24-48 hours later. You can also force dry your screeded floors with de-humidifiers four days after pouring, turn on the underfloor heating after seven days, and sand away the laitance to speed up the process.

A faster drying time will mean less frustration and allow your builders to begin the next phase of your Maidstone project sooner rather than later.

Thickness and Strength

You might believe that a thicker layer of traditional screed would beat a thinner layer of flow screeding. In reality, the opposite is true. Due to its nature, liquid screeding comes as a thinner layer and therefore weighs less – making it the best choice for building projects in need of a lighter solution. That said, efficient flow screed preparation will help make the liquid screed tougher and more durable than the non-flowing alternative.

As an added bonus, the thinness of the screed means you can install a thicker layer of insulation, boosting the efficiency of your underfloor heating in the Maidstone area.

Convenience and Costs

Remember, price is about more than just the cost of screeding per square metre. With a faster installation comes fewer labour costs, with less time taken up by a screeding company. This lets your screeded floor begin to dry sooner, for better results in a fraction of the time. In this way, liquid screeding, along with great flow screed preparation, will keep your project on track without impacting your bank account.

By getting the liquid screeding and underfloor heating process finished correctly, you also remove the need for rectification work at a later date. Whatever your screeding needs may be, our team has the attentive approach and product range needed to deliver complete satisfaction.

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