Flow Screeding in Crawley

After the Flow Screed Preparation and Pouring Process – What Is Laitance Removal?

Although liquid screeding makes for lighter work than traditional screeds, there is one wrinkle that often needs sanding out. Laitance, which typically forms atop anhydrite flow screeding, can make for a frail, flaking layer with numerous imperfections. Flow screed preparation and aftercare will maximise quality and minimise issues, however, and as a professional screeding company, this will be a part of what you can expect. SSR Flow Screed installs underfloor heating with the necessary flow screeding for homeowners and contractors alike – for the most reliable service you can find in the Crawley area.

Do you want to learn more about laitance removal? If so, read on or call a member of our screeding company. We’re always happy to discuss any project needs you may have.

Flow Screeding | What Is Laitance?

During the drying period, the screed will force remaining moisture to the very top. This is often a natural and expected part of the liquid screeding process, leading to a flaxy and crumbling layer made of very fine particles. Unfortunately, this laitance can lead to problems with your flooring, especially when it comes time to apply the floor coverings. Imperfections and adhesion problems can occur, and you may find that your screed takes longer to dry than it should.

Working across Crawley and the nearby areas as a reliable underfloor heating and screeding company, we understand the issues that may arise due to laitance after flow screeding. For this reason, we always carry out a robust flow screed preparation process and clear away the laitance using specialised equipment.

The Laitance Removal Process

Typically performed a week after liquid screeding, laitance removal includes the use of industry-grade sanders. These abrasive machines scour the surface to eliminate the flecks attached to the screeded floor. From there, our screeding company will vacuum up any remaining dirt to leave your Crawley property with a beautifully finished surface. Before installing tiles to the screed, we recommend applying a primer, which will act as a barrier for greater stability.

Choose the Flow Screeding Experts

Located in Crawley, our screeding company applies fast-acting liquid screeding across the local region. We install underfloor heating, come Gas Safe-approved for boiler installation and consider everything from waterproof membranes to the placement of pipes during the flow screed preparation stage. With over 35 years in the business, we also know to remove laitance at the right time.

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