Flow Screeding and Underfloor Heating in Canterbury

The Pros and Cons of Owning an Underfloor System

Some homeowners see underfloor heating as too much of a luxury. Others may consider the fitting process messy and expensive. While it’s true that a water-based UFH system will involve a certain amount of expenditure, most customers agree that the benefits outweigh the initial cost. Remember, underfloor pipes with flow screeding will free up space and can mean significant energy savings. The weather in Canterbury can become especially cold in the winter, so it’s always worth looking at ways to increase thermal efficiency with a professional screeding company.

When combined with conductive liquid screeding and expert care during the flow screed preparation process, your underfloor heating will provide a more comfortable environment where you can sit and relax. You’ll also have more control over how and when you heat certain parts of your Canterbury home.

Underfloor Heating | Greater Control and Efficiency

It’s always worth looking at your lifestyle to see if you might benefit from underfloor heating from a screeding company like ours. If you like to spend your evenings curled up on the sofa and spend much of your weekends indoors, then you may find that a new system saves energy throughout the year.

Pro: Suitable for All Homes

Underfloor heating and liquid screeding don’t just apply to new builds. Our screeding company can also perform flow screeding and pipe installation in existing homes, retro-fitting the system while undertaking the flow screed preparation work for enduring success. You could include it in a bathroom of a semi-detached home, the kitchen of a smaller terraced house, or warm your living room in Canterbury for radiant heat all evening.

Con: It’s an Upheava

Retroactively fitting underfloor heating with flow screeding will naturally cause some level of disruption. It can be a messy process, but with the right screeding company, you can reduce this issue to some extent. Of course, liquid screeding offers a quicker drying time than traditional screeds, so ask professional about expected timelines and the work involved in flow screed preparation.

Pro: More Control

With underfloor heating fitted for your Canterbury home, you can zone certain areas to your liking. A kitchen diner, for example, may benefit from multiple thermostat controls. When installing a new boiler, our flow screeding company sends Gas Safe professionals who can discuss the options with you.

Con: Heating Times

Radiators may be less efficient and cost more to run over the course of a year, but they still tend to heat rooms quicker than underfloor heating. It’s not the biggest issue, however, because underfloor systems do away with the cold spots for more consistent heat. With flow screed preparation and conductive liquid screeding, you minimise the delay in thermal regulation.

Please read our testimonials to see why homeowners, builders and other tradesmen rely on our professional service – from heating installation to flow screed preparation and liquid screeding aftercare.

Further Pros include:

  • More design freedom without bulky radiators
  • It’s hypoallergenic for allergy sufferers
  • Your boiler won’t need to work as hard
  • It may raise the asking price when selling up
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