Liquid Screeding in Brighton

Avoid Disaster With Suitable Flow Screed Preparation

A professional screeding company will tell you there are many ways to protect a screeded floor and can recognise the faults of improper care. Here at SSR Flow Screed, we know exactly what it takes to lay underfloor heating, complete with liquid screeding. Our flow screed preparation work starts your project in Brighton on the right foot, enabling the results to typically last for many decades. Below, we look at behaviours that can negatively affect flow screeding or cause it to fail.

Liquid Screeding | Maximise Success By Avoiding These Pitfalls

Flow screeding can fail due to poor installation and a lack of flow screed preparation. After all, success often lies in the planning process. Our screeding company takes the environment and your needs into account before installing underfloor heating and only pours the liquid screeding after testing the heating system. If you’ve chosen another team for your underfloor work in the Brighton area, then checking the pressure will fall to you.

Screeding on a Wet Surface – The first rule of flow screed preparation is to ensure the environment is dry enough for the work to proceed. A wet environment can cause a reaction with the screed, increase drying times or result in a major failure. As well as waiting for a dry environment, we install a waterproof polythene layer to keep the screed and underfloor heating safe from damp conditions.

Walking on the Surface – There’s a reason why a screeding company like ours in the Brighton area will tell you to avoid stepping on the surface before it’s time. While many liquid screeding options dry enough to walk on after 24 hours, it’s often best to wait slightly longer. Walking on the screed too soon may leave footprints or cause larger issues that are otherwise simple to avoid.

Rushed Flow Screed Preparation – Everyone wants their flow screeding to set as quickly as possible, but that doesn’t mean you should ever rush the process. Taking time to prepare the insulation, membrane, edging and underfloor heating pipes will pay off in the longer term – avoiding further visits from a screeding company in Brighton to rectify problems.

Incorrect Datum Levels – The datum level serves as the horizontal plane from which all other dimensions are considered. This is vital for liquid screeding, as well as the flow screed preparation process. According to British Standards, a screeding company can only deviate 15mm from the datum.

A Lack of Respect – Using your underfloor heating too soon, walking on the flow screeding before it’s set and trying to force dry the surface can all ruin the work performed for your Brighton property. Builders will understandably want to get on with their side of the project sooner rather than later, but by treating the screed with anything but the utmost respect, they could damage it in unforeseen ways.

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