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Will Underfloor Heating Ever Replace Radiators?

Are you looking for an innovative heating system for your renovated or new build property in Arundel? Introduced into British homes in the 1930s, radiators have been considered the default choice for heating ever since. As a wall-mounted alternative to coal fires, they soon held status as clean, efficient and luxury additions to any house. Having become the ‘norm’, however, homeowners have also grown overly familiar with the drawbacks. As such, an increasing number of people are looking to underfloor heating installers for solutions.

As a flow screeding company, SSR Flow Screed has significant expertise in underfloor heating (UFH). From flow screed preparation to liquid screed application, we can adapt our approach to suit your specific requirements.

Of course, underfloor heating isn’t a new concept. It has roots stretching back to Roman times and has long been a staple of homes in East Asia. While it’s taken some time for this heating system to emerge and cement itself in Britain, it has seen a surge in popularity over the past 10 years.

Can You Swap Radiators for Underfloor Heating?

For those unfamiliar with UFH, the biggest question is along the lines of “can these systems heat my home as efficiently and effectively as radiators?” This is somewhat understandable given that, on the whole, many installations only take place in the bathroom or kitchen.

To answer questions of this nature, we must look at 4 key differences between the two systems. Needless to say, if you have any further questions about any aspect of our services, our underfloor heating installers are always happy to help. Call our flow screeding company on 0800 511 8220 or 07395 272 304.

Convection vs Radiant Heat
‍While replacing radiators with UFH changes the location of your Arundel property’s heat source, that’s only the start of understanding the bigger picture. Of more importance, you must recognise that these systems use completely different types of heating.

Radiators use a convection system. This heats the air which then rises. As it cools, it falls back to the floor where the radiator heats it once again.Conversely, underfloor heating warms objects as opposed to the air. These objects include water pipes for “wet” systems and an ultra-thin wire for “dry systems. The resultant thermal heat then rises naturally up from the floor to the ceiling.

For an insight into how we install UFH, including flow screed preparation and liquid screed applications, please visit the Previous Work page.

Distribution of Heat
The convection system used by radiators typically heats one specific area of the room. This leads to cold spots that they can’t reach. In addition, radiators also dry out the atmosphere while pulling dust and other allergens into the air. This approach to heating can cause issues for people who suffer from asthma or eczema.

The underfloor heating installers at our flow screeding company fit systems using radiant heat. By contrast, they spread heat evenly across the surface of the floor. This heat then rises, warming the entire room, and all while retaining the humidity.

Aesthetic Differences
It’s understandable to think that we’re so used to radiators in Arundel and local-area homes that they’re all-but invisible to us now. However, the moment you take them away, you see what a difference it makes.

Because underfloor heating systems are hidden below the ground, you no longer need to organise a room’s layout around a radiator. You can optimise your available space and integrate more features like rugs and floor cushions.

Control of Individual Rooms
Many conventional central heating installations work off a single thermostat. This heats the entire house and, as a result, can often feel wasteful. This is because rooms you seldom use receive just as much heat as those you occupy the most. Our underfloor heating installers lay systems with individual zones, each controlled by its own thermostat. Zoned heating means you only warm specific spaces as and when needed. This lowers your overall usage, as well as your household bills.

There’s a more pressing need to make homes in Arundel and across the country more energy efficient. Our flow screeding company covers a wide range of needs, be it retrofitting, new builds or anything in between. As liquid screed specialists, we excel in everything from flow screed preparation to creating an impeccable finished surface.

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