Underfloor Heating in Worthing

The Signs You Need a Screeding Company for a Warmer Environment

Underfloor heating with quick-drying flow screeding is an attractive prospect for most homeowners. Not only does it make controlling the ambient temperature easier, but it also adds to the value of the property. That said, it’s not always clear how you could benefit or why you should look for a screeding company to manage the fitting process for you. SSR Flow Screed provides a full installation service to customers in the Worthing area. Skilled in liquid screeding and flow screed preparation, we will fit your heating system to last for many years and reduce screed drying time for your convenience.

Read on to get a clear idea of the heating issues often faced by local homeowners, and learn how underfloor heating serves as an efficient solution. For flow screeding, new boilers and floor laying in Worthing, please speak with our screeding company at your leisure.

Cold Spots – Do you feel warm near the radiator but cold while sitting in your armchair? Traditional heating systems often fail to warm the room properly, leading to a colder living space and reduced comfort levels. You might even end up raising the temperature just to keep warm. Of course, this will only make your boiler in Worthing or the surrounding areas work harder.

Allergies – If you have asthma or suffer from other breathing issues, a screeding company like ours can help. Radiators work on convection heat to cycle mites and fibres around the house. Underfloor heating, complete with liquid screeding, works on radiant warmth. This is why it’s vital that your flow screeding provides good thermal conductivity.

We carry out flow screed preparation with a professional approach, ensuring your installation receives long-term protection without leaks or floating pipes.

Design Issues – Space-hogging radiators can scupper your design plans, interrupting your feature wall or serve as a minor obstruction your designer must work around. If you’d prefer to remove the traditional radiators from a space in your Worthing home, then underfloor heating may be the right solution. Our liquid screeding team can help in this regard.

High Energy Costs – Radiators run at a higher temperature and lose their heat quickly. In turn, you may end up spending quite a bit more money on your energy use. You could even end up needing a new boiler due to the running temperature. We perform flow screed preparation to make sure you suffer as few problems with your underfloor system as possible.

How Underfloor Heating Can Improve Your Worthing Home

By choosing a trustworthy screeding company for underfloor heating and flow screeding in the Worthing area, you do away with these issues. You’ll have more design flexibility, experience a warmer environment, and will improve the atmosphere for cleaner air. You can also expect to spend less on heating each year.

From flow screed preparation to liquid screeding and laitance removal, our screeding company can make your underfloor heating ambitions a reality. We specialise in flow screeding that suits these advanced heating systems and provide 12-month guarantees as a sign of quality.

Call either 0800 511 8220 or 07395 272 304 for underfloor heating and liquid screeding. Our screeding company will deliver the right approach for your Worthing home.