Underfloor Heating Installers in Tonbridge

Flow Screeding and Underfloor Heating Systems Simplified

Are you looking into the benefits of liquid screed for an upcoming renovation or construction project? Do you want to upgrade your Tonbridge home with an underfloor heating system? When you invest in property improvements of any kind, you must take the time to understand the service you require, and to choose an appropriate company to complete it.

At SSR Flow Screed, we’re not only a reputable flow screeding company, but also experienced underfloor heating installers. From the initial flow screed preparation to the immaculate dried surface, our team delivers a perfectly level floor in line with your needs.

We can provide a range of solutions, such as Ambient underfloor heating and Celotex insulation, to name a few.

However, before we get too involved in the specifics of your job, we take the time to ensure you have complete confidence in us and our services. As such, below, we have provided an introductory guide that simplifies the basics of liquid screed and underfloor heating systems.

Flow Screeding and Underfloor Heating | The Basics

What is Liquid Screed?

Before understanding the liquid variety, it’s helpful to know the basics about traditional screeds. In short, screed is a thin layer of cement and sharp sand laid over a concrete subfloor. For industrial applications that require more durability, this material may include coarse aggregates for a thicker layer.

Your chosen screeding company shovels the screed mix into place and then levels it off using a screeding bar or float. You can decide to leave the smoothed surface exposed or cover it with your preferred flooring option.

As the name suggests, liquid screed (or flow screeding) is a process that involves pumping the screeding materials into your chosen space. We undertake the necessary flow screed preparation offsite, creating a pre-made mix ready for pouring.

This allows us to pump out the liquid mixture upon arrival at your Tonbridge property. The process eliminates a significant amount of the manual labour involved in the traditional approach. The nature of our screed mix also provides rapid drying times. Depending on the size of the application, your surface will be hard enough to walk on within 24 to 72 hours. However, it may take a while longer for the full drying process to finish.

As a flow screeding company and underfloor heating installers, our fast turnarounds help to keep your project moving toward completion on time and within budget.

What is Underfloor Heating?

When compared with liquid screed, most property owners have a better understanding of underfloor heating. Again, the name is self-explanatory. These systems replace radiators as a heating source in rooms of your choice, freeing up more floor space as an additional benefit.

The systems laid by our underfloor heating installers consist of pipes embedded into the subfloor. As a flow screeding company, we can combine the system installation and screeding process for a single convenient service. From initial consultation to flow screed preparation to the completed surface, we’re with you from start to finish.

The network of pipes spans the entire floor and connects to your Tonbridge home’s boiler. When activated, warm water passes through the system. This process heats individual rooms from the ground up in a more efficient, cost-effective way.

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