Underfloor Heating in Sevenoaks

Tiling After the Liquid Screeding Process

Liquid screeding like anhydrite continues to grow more popular with each passing year. Not only does it involve a simple flow screed preparation process – it also dries quickly, comes at a low cost and ensures a firm, level surface. For these reasons, homeowners, tradesmen and even commercial property owners around Sevenoaks often choose flow screeding over standard techniques. Whether you’re researching underfloor heating or need a screeding company to aid with laitance removal, SSR Flow Screed uses the most reliable methods in the business today.

Keep reading to learn more about the tiling procedure once your liquid screeding has cured. Doing so will help to avoid cracks and levelling problems, achieving high-quality results for your long-term satisfaction. You can also discover more details about underfloor heating and flow screed preparation by visiting our frequently asked questions or calling us for flow screeding in the Sevenoaks area.

Wait for Curing – Unlike traditional or ‘dry’ screeds, liquid screeding will typically set enough in seven days to allow for the next stage to begin. Before that time, you’ll want to avoid putting up any partition walls or moving heavy items over the surface. Giving enough time to this phase enables moisture to escape, as does running your underfloor heating at minimum temperature four days after pouring.

Remove Laitance – A trusted flow screeding company should have the abrading equipment needed to remove laitance. This layer that forms on the surface can impact that state of your floor in the Sevenoaks area, causing issues no matter the flow screed preparation work. Our team specialises in laitance removal so that you can enjoy a smooth, dirt-free and reliable floor.

Follow These Processes:

  • Ask your screeding company about expected timeframes
  • Ensure anhydrite liquid screeding comes fully sealed
  • Be sure to use the ideal adhesive for your tiling
  • Affix the tiles carefully, spaced around 3mm apart
  • Apply grouting to the gaps and add any final sealants
  • Speak with flow screeding experts for advice you can trust

  • Take Your Time – Remember, it’s better to get the job done right at a methodical pace than it is to rush the tiling work. At SSR Flow Screed, we apply this outlook to all projects – from underfloor heating in Sevenoaks to liquid screeding in the nearby regions. If you have any doubts, put the tiles to one side and get in touch with someone who understands dried flow screeding and floor laying in detail.

    Rely on Our Screeding Company – With a reputation in the Sevenoaks area for underfloor heating, flow screed preparation and Gas Safe boiler work, our team can undertake all aspects of your project for a convenient solution. We supply tanking services, fit insulation and lay new flooring materials, so you don’t have to.

    Call 0800 511 8220 or 07395 272 304 to arrange for underfloor heating and liquid screeding in Sevenoaks. Our screeding company also helps with the floor laying process.