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Pre & Post Screed Care

Some information to bear in mind when planning your flow screedSSR Flow Screed

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Customer Flow Screed Preparation

  • All Sub-Floors MUST be fully dry so that no reactions due too excess moisture occur.
  • Where underfloor heating is not installed by SSR, it is the customers responsibility to ensure that all UFH has been pressure tested and commissioned.
  • Underfloor heating pipes must be secure so that floating does not occur and where possible the pipes should be full, to prevent floating and the weight of the screed squeezing the pipes.
  • The area being screeded must be sealed, free of holes and gaps where screed can leak away. Screed working its way underneath insulation or membrane will lift the floor up causing it to float above the screed.
  • A poly ethylene membrane must be used to seal the floor, ensure that it is taped up to the walls, folded neatly in and around corners and any joints are taped.
  • Expansion foam must be used around the edges of all floors and stuck tight. This allows movement of screed as it warms and cools. If prepared properly, you should have a watertight pool in which for screed to collect.
  • SSR will work to the datum supplied by the customer. We accept no responsibility if the supplied datum is wrong.
  • Ensure there are no substantial openings causing draughts onto the floor, this can cause cracking. A slightly ajar window is sufficient ventilation.

Drying times for Cementitious Screed

  • For a 50mm depth cementitious screed the drying time would be around 20 days, again, you should have the floor moisture tested to ensure it is safe to cover!
  • You should allow 24 hours before treading the floor.

Drying times for Anhydrite Screed

  • 1 Day for every mm up to 40 mm
  • 2 Days for every mm if the depth is above 40mm
  • 1 week before fitting anything load bearing, such as partition walls.
  • Heating may be turned on from its lowest setting, gradually after 7 days
  • Screed must be completely dry before covering floors.
  • Sanding away laitance after 7 days may accelerate the drying process.
  • De-humidifiers may be used to accelerate drying after 4 days, but not before!
  • We advise that the floor is moisture tested even following these guidelines. SSR accept no responsibility for failed flooring due to moisture!
  • You should allow 24-48 Hours before walking over the floor.